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Green Energy Consultation Services

Goldrush Emerging Technology is offering service to the companies who required to enter, penetrate & increase growth in new territories.

Aviation Consultation Services

A Pioneer in aviation consultancy since 2010, actively indulge in air service operation, sale and purchase of aircraft & infrastructural developments

Intelligent traffic management system

Medical Transport Solutions

Modular Operating Theatre

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About Goldrush Emerging

Goldrush Emerging Technologies is a diversified, representation company offering professional consulting services to automobile, waste management, renewable energy, emergency medical transport, aviation travel & tourism. We provide our clients with tailored services for obtaining core information on targeted opportunities in the local market research, competitive environment analysis, trends perspectives, and business plan and market access/entry strategies.

Goldrush Emerging Technologies is a consulting wing of Goldrush Group, which was actively engaged in the field of automobile sales of Bajaj Auto, Tata Motors & Maruti. We are now into emergency medical transport healthcare services & Aviation Transport.

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Goldrush Emerging Technology
Private Limited

The founder promoter of Goldrush Group is Mr. Pradeep Agarwal. Goldrush, a leading automobile group started with business in 1995 of automobile sales of Bajaj auto, Maruti Suzuki & Tata motors. The group owns its interests in diversified fields from automobile to aviation, healthcare to turn key project management. Mr. Pradeep Agarwal, a highly successful Business veteran and true philanthropist having more than 35 years of experience, backed with a highly professional, motivated team of executives associated to drive the business of the company to new heights.

Mrs. Veena Agarwal, the Executive Director of the Goldrush Group, has nearly three decades of experience in the automobile sector. Mrs. Agarwal has received various awards for her entrepreneurship. She has been associated with the Company since its inception as co-promoter. She is responsible for the overall working of the Company and is instrumental in making strategic decisions for the Company. Besides this, Mrs. Agarwal has been past chairperson of F.A.D.A. Uttar Pradesh and has brought due recognition to the UP Chapter. She has also been an important member of various special panels in Tata Motors.

Our Services

Setting Up project under categories to established business from concerned departments from sourcing to construction, equipment & commissioning.

Assistance in design, feasibility survey, construction, Operations & Management of projects & commercial handling.

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Goldrush Emerging Technology works across the aviation business chain–from airlines and aerospace operators to airports and investors–to help our clients navigate the complexities and uncertainties of the changing aviation industry. Our team includes former airline and airport executives, maintenance and operations experts, financial analysts, and other aviation leaders. This on-the-ground experience makes us trusted advisors and doers across the industry.

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Goldrush Emerging Technology offers assistance and consulting services in Green & Renewable Energy across all major and emerging renewable energy technologies, such as solar, bio-energy, and waste-to-energy. We assist government agencies and provide consultancy to the companies seeking to expand their energy portfolio or acquire renewable energy.

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We offer our services aimed at helping clients with utilising information technology (IT) and digital assets to optimally achieve their business goals. The IT consulting segment spans both advisory and implementation services, can help lead your organization forward with highly effective IT strategies and implement innovative solutions with our IT consultancy services.

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